What is wrong with my Pap Smear – Inflammation

The Pathologists said your pap smear has this problem.  This means that blood or white cells cover the cells of the cervix, which makes it difficult for them to see if you have precancerous cells on your cervix.

What is done about this?
You may be prescribed a cream to reduce the inflammation. The doctor will then repeat the pap smear after several months. Several months are allowed to pass in order to allow healthy cells to regenerate on the cervix.

What if my pap is abnormal again?
You will have a colposcopy test. With this test the doctor will look at your cervix with a microscope and, if any abnormal areas are seen, biopsies will be taken.

What if my paps keep showing inflammation but there are no precancerous cells on my cervix?
You may be offered cryocautery. This is an office procedure where the surface inflamed cells of the cervix are frozen. These cells then slough off and new, healthy cells often grow back in their place.

Can I do something about the inflammation?
Do not put any object in your vagina that can rub the cervix and irritate it. The most common such object is a tampon. Anyone with an abnormal pap is offered a pap smear more frequently than every year to increase the chance of picking up precancerous cells.